Bluestones original proposal

Some time ago Mr. William McNamara who has grown up in the area and now CEO of Bluestone National Park Resort (Wales) who currently lease the mill site from the Sleebrook estate is extremely passionate about the district and saw an opportunity to give the mill a new lease of life. As with any project it must be sustainable. His plan is to recreate a Victorian environment within the grounds and restore the Mill and the associated buildings to as they would have been in Victorian times, as part of a project that would be workable and ensure the Mill‘s long term preservation.

His design brief for the conversion of Blackpool Mill, its two external buildings and an adjoining Meadow was to create a environment that would be an International visitor attraction for families and provide cultural, educational and social activities to be experienced as a celebration of the history of Blackpool Mill and the spirit of the Victorian age.

  Who are Bluestone and where they capable of doing this?
•They currently employ more than 700 people in their National Park Resort adjacent to the mill site,
•Their monthly wage bill exceeds £750,000 / month
•The average occupancy of their existing park is 1500 people / week increasing to 3000 at peak times.
•This project would have created at least 60 new jobs, maybe 80.
•So far they had spent over £250,000 on the Planning application
•Their budget was £2,500,000 of which £1,800,000 would be spent locally.
•They expected to attract 100,000 visitors in the 1st year and 150,000 in the second year.

The Events barn because it is a new building within the Park was squashed by the Pembrokeshire Coast National Parks Authority so the project will not go ahead and the mill most likely will become derelict.

Below was the proposal their application was based on