Bancyfelin is a small village in south west Wales located between St Clears and Carmarthen. The English translation of the name from the Welsh language is Hill of the Mill / "Mill hill" (Banc-y-felin).

The first mill to be built on this site was probably around 1770. It would have probably been just a small rural mill with a single pair of millstones. The 1840 OS map shows just a single building on the site with a building adjacent. whereas the 1906 map shows the site as it virtually was until the mill was demolished in the 1950's. Again as so often, no record was made of the equipment so the drawings are based on information Bruce has collected and the type of equipment found in similar mills in the area

A vast amount of research has been put into the history of the village and its mills by Bruce Wallace. He has produced a multi page document about the village and the mill that is well worth reading. See the notes at the bottom of the page as to how to get this document that is free of charge.

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1840 O.S. MAP

1906 O.S. MAP


The difference between the two mills making use of the limited water supply


This is my interpretation of how the mill may have looked based on other early mills I have seen. Thatched roof, stone walls. The sack hoist was manual and the gearing generally manufactured from wood

1770---1a 1770---2

Below are a list of the papers Bruce has prepared about  the village and how you can obtain them


Modern and historical stories about life in Bancyfelin and beyond

Papers on some of the following are available at Bancyfelin Post Office. Copies of old photographs and documents are always welcome as the papers are constantly being updated and further papers are being developed. Information on the agricultural life on the older farms, WWI/II and social history (horticultural shows and other events) are of particular interest. If necessary, I can bring my copier to you. Contact details below.   


A1 – Maps & Landscape. How six maps show the development of Bancyfelin over 150 years.

A2 – In search of two mills. How a corn mill and a woollen mill led to the establishment of the village. 

A3 – Origins and philanthropy. The early history of Ysgol Bancyfelin.

A4 – Neuadd Pentref Bancyfelin Hall – the first 50 years. Including its official opening and its 50th anniversary*

A5 – Flowers at Llys Onnen – A local industry. The greenhouses and flower nursery in the last century. 

A6 – Coomb Mansion, Llangynog – A History. A gentleman’s home, a Boys Home and a Leonard Cheshire Home*.

A7 – The Suburbs. Wenallt, Lodge, Pont Cowin, Pretoria, Sarnau and the railway station.

A8 – Here lies a hero – Cana Chapel (+ Ira Jones), Passby, Grynhebog, Llethrach and Derllys Court (Madam Bevan).

A9 – A day at the racesSiop Llwynderw, The Grove Grandstand, Bragty and Nantyrhebog.

A10 – Serving the community – Bancyfelin Post Office and Vincent Jones Haulage (in development).

A11 – Danycoed – the history of a farm (in development).

A12 – Bancyfelin Methodist Chapel (in development).


B1 – Byron Rogers. Recollections of the writer and journalist who spent his first few years in Bancyfelin. 

B2 – David Thomas (Dai 14). Recollections of people, places and businesses in Bancyfelin. 

B3 – David Williams (formerly of Danycoed). Recollections.

B4 – Howell Davies. Memories of Bancyfelin in the 1930’s.

B5 – William Thomas (Will Coomb). Recollections.

B6 – Olwen Jones and Ida Evans (nee Thomas). Two sisters recall life in Bancyfelin between the wars.

B7 – Sali Walters. Recollections.

B8 – Two men on a motorbike (Tom & Dan Davies). The business and social life of a father and son from Pretoria.

B9 – Mayors – The 40-year history of the Mayors of St Clears and Bancyfelin. 

B10 – Sporting lives – Rugby players and other sportsmen and women with Bancyfelin connections (in development).

B11 – WW1/WW2 & Ira Jones, flying ace.  (in development)


C1 – Mail Coaches, Milestones and other highway curio’s. The history of the highway through Bancyfelin.

C2 – Lines & Divisions – A landscape curiosity.  The possible origins of 11 miles of straight hedges west of Bancyfelin.

C3 – The 1842 Tithe Agreement for the parish – an analysis*. Owners, occupiers, field names and much more.

C4 – Agricultural life (in development).

C5 – Prehistory (in development).

C6 – Road & Rail development (in development).


D1 – Horticultural & Agricultural Shows (in development)

D2 – Eisteddfodau (in development).

D3 – Community groups, WI, etc (in development).

D4 – Carnivals (in development).

D5 – The Smiths Arms and the Loyal Carver Lodge (in development).


All papers not in development are free and can be acquired at the Post Office or from me - Bruce Wallace, Cowin Park, Bancyfelin, Carmarthen, SA33 5NB, 01267 211207, 07817 583720, . A small donation would be welcome for copies of the three larger ones marked *.



I particularly like this drawing and I used it as a the basis of a Christmas card with falling snow