Moulen Pendant

This mill is based on the research and a paper presented by David H Jones at the 5th TIMS symposium in France April 1982. The mill at that time was the only known example of a ‘Moulen Pendant’ to survive in a reasonably complete condition. Currently it is a B&B. The mill is located 25km from Rouen on the river Seine. It was believed the walls of mill were originally constructed in the 15th century

The mill was incomplete when David carried out his survey with only the bed stone left in position. David’s drawings are excellent and have allowed me to produce these 3d’s with little problem. The ones in the journal are drawn to scale and the bed stone appears to be around 2meters in diameter which is larger than I am familiar with. Was this sort of dimension typical in France? The Tun, hopper and horse had been removed when the survey was carried out so if anyone can provide a typical arrangement of what these components may have looked like I would be grateful and then as a best guess I add them to the drawings.

DHJ-arrgt- moulen-pendant-elvation

These are copies of the excellent drawings David prepared for his paper about the mill along with several photos of the building which made my life very easy to produce the 3d drawings shown here

moulen-1 moulen-3