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The Mills Research Group

The Group

The Mills Research Group was founded in 1979 and is a voluntary society of enthusiasts who are each conducting research into some aspect of traditional milling, whether it be by wind, water or muscle power. Most of the members also belong to the Mill Section of the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings, and so the Mills Research Group has a presence at the SPAB mill meetings. These have been held in London for many years but recently have been held further afield. As a result, the Mills Research Group is now holding its own twice yearly meetings at the Mills Archive in Reading, rather than in London after the SPAB meetings as formerly.

The Conferences

Each year since 1983 a conference has been held at which members present papers on research in progress. These conferences last one day and are located in various places around U.K., usually in or near a mill. On the following day some of the members will visit other mill sites near the location of the conference. The 2009 Conference was held at Crabble Mill, Dover, in Kent, and the 2010 Conference is planned for Suffolk.

MRG Publications

The proceedings of each conference are printed and available for purchase to both members and non members. In addition, the Group has published a Gazetteer of windmills in England. Members receive a Newsletter, usually twice a year.

A list of publications is available on their web site

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