Jigger House

After the crusher the ore was taken to the JIGGER HOUSE where the task of separating the heavier ore from the lighter waste rock began. The crushed ore was put into large wooden tanks with pistons, driven by an overhead shaftl, moved up and down gradually separating the galena from the waste rock. The speed of the pistons depended on the size of material. Galena being heavier settles to the bottom of the jiggers. The waste material and water washed out of the top, drained away and was taken to the BUDDLE HOUSE where galena particles as small as grains of sand could be recovered from the waste. The sediment from the jiggers passed to the LARGE CLASSIFIER where it flowed into an inverted pyramid. Again the solid material was agitated. Lighter waste flowed away leaving the heavier ore rich material at the bottom.

2 views of a Jig

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